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The WWO is currently examining water challenges on each of the globe’s continents with respect to Water Security and Emergency Relief, Water and Health, and Water and Access. The WWO recognizes the need to engage respective national and local governments and work with groups on the ground to ensure the longer-term sustainability of its projects. We also understand the need to empower local groups and get them onboard to ensure local ownership of the project. The WWO will publicize its projects once it has sign-on from host governments.

The WWO is building partnerships with some fantastic groups already on the ground and we are very proud to promote the wonderful work they are doing. Please visit their websites to read more about their work or use the donate tab below to assist the WWO in expanding the reach of their current projects.

WISER Girls in Kenya


Barka in Burkina Faso


Engineers Without Borders - USA


The WWO welcomes project proposals. We are always keen to examine more areas of the world where we can help people in gaining better access to water, improve the quality of water and also reduce the sociological challenges that result from an inability to access clean, fresh water for drinking, hygiene and sanitation purposes. We are, however, very selective in the projects we choose to take on and would recommend that you spend time on your project proposal. Please also consider that the WWO aims to work with national, state/provincial and local governments as well as the people on the ground to make sure the water solution we provide is what the local people want and need and also that the project is sustainable over the long-term.

Please submit your project to us using this form. We would prefer electronic submissions, however, we recognize that this is not always possible. Please send electronic submissions to info@theworldwater.org and hard-copy submissions to:

The World Water Organization
14 Wall Street, 20th Floor
New York, New York 10005

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