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Chairman's Message

Excellencies, Colleagues and Friends,

I am pleased to welcome you to the World Water Organization (WWO) where global collaborations are taking place for one of the most vital causes of our time. Water is that cause. While we send Rover Mission to Mars to find water remnants, a profound human crisis is unfolding here on earth. This blue planet is becoming a thirsty place, and water issues are of urgent concern across the globe affecting hundreds of millions of people.

Water challenges will continue to escalate in the future as many sources of fresh water will be under increasing pressure from climate change and population growth. Water issue transcends all human boundaries whether they are racial, cultural, religious or national. All of humanity faces the challenges together as a matter of survival. While sustainable supplies of safe and clean water are a biological necessity for all of us, water is also at the root of other critical planetary concerns such as food shortage, health, economic and social development, and even regional peace and security.

But here is the good news, water issues are not an inevitable cause of crisis, and it is not too late. With the right policies and priorities, and with the political will of all people, we can find the solutions. Therefore, we have gathered together at the World Water Organization (WWO) with a high sense of optimism and hope. Let us empower communities and countries to meet their own challenges, extend our international coordination, make sound investments, and foster innovations and make effective partnerships so that we make tangible progress.

We look forward to achieving a water secure world that can benefit all nations and peoples, especially those who are water deprived, women and children in many parts of the world. Our generation is indeed facing challenging times, but also historic opportunity to come together and create a sustainable world for ourselves and the future generations who will inherit the earth.

Yours Sincerely,

Dr. Harold Hyunsuk Oh

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