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Become a Change Agent in the Lives of People Around the World
The World Water Organization has embarked on four major Campaigns to bring awareness to and to STOP the profound humanitarian crisis throughout the world, caused by the lack of access to water, lack of clean drinking water and lack of basic sanitation. The World Water Organization believes that by providing access to clean water, MILLIONS of persons around the world will be able to move out of a lifetime in dire poverty. Providing life sustaining water for refugees, children in conflict, orphans, women in crisis, and people caught in the midst of man-made and natural disasters will save lives and create a world of hope. The World Water Organization is presently running four major campaigns where we are looking to raise one million dollars in each campaign. Campaign monies raised will be used for projects around the world, in the specific area of need.
Our four campaigns are:
  • Water for Refugees
  • Water for Children ­ Children in Conflict, Orphanages, Schools, etc.
  • Water for Women
  • Water for Emergency Disaster Relief


    Water is the most crucial natural resource for Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs). Without access to clean water, refugees and IDPs find themselves at risk of severe health crisis, as well as being susceptible to the constant fear of abuse and rape due to the necessity of collecting water. Even when water is accessible in a refugee camp, women and children will stand in lines for hours to wait for water and often, this water can be highly contaminated.

    This campaign ­ WATER FOR REFUGEES ­ will sponsor water projects in refugee camps, as well as in areas that have become “home” to Internally Displaced Persons.

    WATER FOR CHILDREN - Children in Conflict, Orphanages, Schools, etc
    Children are often innocent victims of water born diseases found in contaminated water sources, which contribute to high infant mortality rates around the world. Of the 42,000 deaths that occur every week from unsafe water and lack of basic sanitation, 90% are children under the 5 years of age. In many areas of the world, orphanages and schools, meant to serve as safe nurturing environments, have access only to extremely poor quality water, causing multiple illnesses. As children are required to often walk miles for water, they are most vulnerable to other risks, as sexual harassment and assault ­ not to mention the hours spent in walking for water and not being able to attend school.

    This campaign ­ WATER FOR CHILDREN ­ will sponsor projects, focusing on children in schools, orphanages and children in conflict. By providing clean water to the children of the world, we will be able to change the lives of children forever.

    Women and young girls are disproportionately affected by the lack of clean water, being forced to carry water for miles, standing on long lines awaiting their opportunity to collect often contaminated water. During their journey to collect water, they often face assaults and are thus at risk for heightened abuse on a daily basis. Young girls are often sent for water, in the place of going to school ­ continuing the huge lack in girl’s education.

    This campaign ­ WATER FOR WOMEN ­ will fund programs to address the vital struggle for equitable access to water and lessen the burden and daily struggle for women and young girls around the world. WATER FOR WOMEN will change millions of lives ­ not only for women, but their families.

    When natural disasters hit, water sources are the first to be compromised. Flooding, droughts, hurricanes, typhoons, tsunamis and other catastrophic events will immediately compromise clean water resources. These disasters often change what is already a challenging situation for access to clean water, into a life threatening crisis for millions, leading quickly toward disease and often death. Infectious diseases are often heightened during disasters, as they create open breeding grounds for mosquitoes carrying malaria and other infectious diseases.

    This campaign ­ WATER FOR EMERGENCY DISASTER RELIEF ­ will fund programs to address disaster areas and provide clean water to victims of emergency disasters around the world.

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