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About the World Water Organization

The World Water Organization (WWO) is a not-for-profit international membership association of professionals from governments, international organizations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), academic institutions and multi- and transnational corporations. In addition to the United Nations and World Bank professionals serving on its Executive and Advisory Boards, WWO enjoys wide support from intergovernmental organizations and UN Member State governments seeking to overcome global water challenges through workable, affordable solutions that benefit all nations and peoples. To this end, we provide a problem-solving forum for world leaders and innovators, promote technological advancement, facilitate public and private partnerships, and take concrete action to achieve worldwide water sustainability.

A major portion of our efforts are dedicated to cultivating substantive discussion and high-level strategic change that will positively impact the world’s water-deprived millions. Accordingly, we host yearly international conferences, each tied to one of WWO’s three focus areas: (1) Water and Global Health: the Challenge of the 21st Century; (2) Water Security: Protection and Preservation of Water Infrastructure Worldwide and Emergency Disaster Management/Relief; and (3) The International Water Summit.

Because it is critical that the outcome of these conferences translates into concrete ground-level action, we’re equally devoted to building partnerships with donors and international organizations to develop and implement worldwide projects in disadvantaged communities. WWO projects are designed to (1) improve daily access to water, (2) reduce the burden of water collection on communities and individuals, (3) improve the quality of water being consumed in these communities, and (4) address other water related challenges (e.g. waterborne diseases).

In addition, we organize public awareness events as part of our effort to complement project work already being done in the field. We welcome partnerships from governments as well as non-government, non-profit and corporate institutions seeking to unite technology, strategy and financing to ensure that clean water is globally sustainable and universally accessible.

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